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What will you be paying for?

Here is a list of everything you will get; soup to nuts:

  • screener export,
  • screening by description,
  • saving of screeners,
  • watchlists,*
  • realtime prices.*

Portfolio management will be released later this year.

*We've decided to release these for free for everyone

Will there be any limitations?

No. We absolutely despise hidden costs and un-anounced limitations. You pay us $14 and you get what you've paid for — no limitations, no hidden costs. Unlimited usage, unlimited everything.

It all comes with 14 days trial period and no mininum contract; you can cancel any time without penalty or hassle.

Sounds awesome, we know!

Common questions

What about my existing free account?

Your existing free account will stay free forever unless you decide to pay to get additional premium features.

What about existing features?

They will stay free forever till the day ceases to exist. No ads, no spying on you and reselling your data, no bullshit.

Will you keep rolling out more free features?

Absolutely! We have a backlog of things we plan to do. And they will stay free. Forever.