PHASEBIO PHARMA Capex/Depreciation

Capex/Depreciation of PHAS for past 10 years: annual, quarterly and twelve month trailing (TTM) including Capex/Depreciation growth rates and interactive chart.

Highlights and Quick Summary

  • Capex/Depreciation for the quarter ending June 29, 2021 was -0.43 (a 54.03% increase compared to previous quarter)
  • Year-over-year quarterly Capex/Depreciation decreased by -86.65%
  • Annual Capex/Depreciation for 2020 was -2.78 (a -49.62% decrease from previous year)
  • Annual Capex/Depreciation for 2019 was -5.52 (a 386.83% increase from previous year)
  • Annual Capex/Depreciation for 2018 was -1.13 (a -49.63% decrease from previous year)
  • Twelve month Capex/Depreciation ending June 29, 2021 was -0.43 (a -55.53% decrease compared to previous quarter)
  • Twelve month trailing Capex/Depreciation decreased by -93.41% year-over-year
Trailing Capex/Depreciation for the last four month:
29 Jun '21 30 Mar '21 30 Dec '20 29 Sep '20
-0.43 -0.96 -2.78 -6.45
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Historical Capex/Depreciation of PHASEBIO PHARMA

Most recent Capex/Depreciationof PHAS including historical data for past 10 years.

Interactive Chart of Capex/Depreciation of PHASEBIO PHARMA

PHASEBIO PHARMA Capex/Depreciation for the past 10 Years (both Annual and Quarterly)

Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Fiscal Year
2021 -0.43 -0.28
2020 -0.16 -3.24 -9.14 -12.19 -2.78
2019 -2.72 -7.9 -8.02 -2.71 -5.52
2018 -3.83 -0.11 -0.81 -0.22 -1.13
2017 -0.43 -3.0 -2.25
2016 0.0

Business Profile of PHASEBIO PHARMA

Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Biotechnology
PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the development and commercialization of novel for cardiopulmonary diseases. Its lead product candidate is bentracimab (PB2452), a reversal agent for the antiplatelet drug ticagrelor that is in Phase III clinical trial for patients with uncontrolled major or life-threatening bleeding events or in patients requiring urgent or emergency surgery. The company is also developing PB1046, a vasoactive intestinal peptide analogue that is in Phase IIb clinical trial for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension; and PB6440 for the treatment of resistant hypertension. The company has a co-development agreement with SFJ Pharmaceuticals X, Ltd. to develop PB2452, a reversal agent for the antiplatelet drug ticagrelor. PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was incorporated in 2002 and is based in Malvern, Pennsylvania.