International Seaways Inc. P/FCF ratio

P/FCF ratio of INSW for past 10 years: annual, quarterly and twelve month trailing (TTM) including P/FCF ratio growth rates and interactive chart. A valuation metric that measures the share price of a stock compared to its free cash flow per share. Free cash flow is calculated as operating cash flow - capital expenditures and is a more accurate measure of a company's earning power than net income, as it's not easily manipulated. A low P/FCF ratio can indicate undervaluation, while a high one might mean the growth expectations around the company are elevated. P/FCF ratio can be compared to different companies in the same industry or to a company’s own historical valuation.

Highlights and Quick Summary

Current P/FCF ratio of International Seaways Inc. is 1.91 (as of December 30, 2020)
  • P/FCF ratio for the quarter ending March 30, 2021 was 2.84 (a 48.42% increase compared to previous quarter)
  • Year-over-year quarterly P/FCF ratio decreased by -27.53%
  • Annual P/FCF ratio for 2020 was 1.91 (a -85.49% decrease from previous year)
  • Annual P/FCF ratio for 2019 was 13.17 (a -81.82% decrease from previous year)
  • Annual P/FCF ratio for 2018 was 72.48 (a Infinity% increase from previous year)
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Historical P/FCF ratio of International Seaways Inc.

Most recent P/FCF ratioof INSW including historical data for past 10 years.

Interactive Chart of P/FCF ratio of International Seaways Inc.

International Seaways Inc. P/FCF ratio for the past 10 Years (both Annual and Quarterly)

Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Fiscal Year
2021 2.84
2020 1.91 2.24 3.91 10.22 1.91
2019 13.17 9.97 12.15 0.0 13.17
2018 72.48 0.0 0.0 0.0 72.48
2017 0.0 0.0 0.0 8.39 0.0
2016 3.33 1.62 1.62 1.62 3.33
2015 1.62 1.62
2014 1.62
2013 1.62

Business Profile of International Seaways Inc.

Sector: Industrials
Industry: Marine Shipping
International Seaways, Inc. owns and operates a fleet of oceangoing vessels for the transportation of crude oil and petroleum products in the International Flag trade. It operates through two segments, Crude Tankers and Product Carriers. As of March 12, 2021, the company owned and operated a fleet of 36 vessels, including 11 very large crude carriers, 2 Suezmaxes, 4 Aframaxes/LR2s, 13 Panamaxes/LR1s, and 4 medium range tankers, as well as had ownership interests in two floating storage and offloading service vessels. It serves independent and state-owned oil companies, oil traders, refinery operators, and international government entities. The company was formerly known as OSG International, Inc. and changed its name to International Seaways, Inc. in October 2016. The company was incorporated in 1999 and is headquartered in New York, New York.