Exterran Corporation SG&A Expenses

SG&A Expenses of EXTN for past 10 years: annual, quarterly and twelve month trailing (TTM) including SG&A Expenses growth rates and interactive chart. Selling, general and administrative expense (SG&A) is reported on the income statement as the sum of all direct and indirect selling expenses and all general and administrative expenses (G&A) of a company. SG&A, also known as SGA, includes all the costs not directly tied to making a product or performing a service. That is, SG&A includes the costs to sell and deliver products and services and the costs to manage the company. It includes administrative

Highlights and Quick Summary

  • SG&A Expenses for the quarter ending March 30, 2021 was $32.6 Million (a 15.07% increase compared to previous quarter)
  • Year-over-year quarterly SG&A Expenses decreased by -5.16%
  • Annual SG&A Expenses for 2020 was $123 Million (a -13.38% decrease from previous year)
  • Annual SG&A Expenses for 2019 was $142 Million (a -20.22% decrease from previous year)
  • Annual SG&A Expenses for 2018 was $178 Million (a 1.14% increase from previous year)
  • Twelve month SG&A Expenses ending March 30, 2021 was $125 Million (a -4.15% decrease compared to previous quarter)
  • Twelve month trailing SG&A Expenses decreased by -11.9% year-over-year
Trailing SG&A Expenses for the last four month:
30 Mar '21 30 Dec '20 29 Sep '20 29 Jun '20
$125 Million $131 Million $140 Million $142 Million
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Historical SG&A Expenses of Exterran Corporation

Most recent SG&A Expensesof EXTN including historical data for past 10 years.

Interactive Chart of SG&A Expenses of Exterran Corporation

Exterran Corporation SG&A Expenses for the past 10 Years (both Annual and Quarterly)

(All values are in $ million)

Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Fiscal Year
2021 $32.63
2020 $28.36 $29.96 $34.41 $38.05 $123.0
2019 $37.52 $32.31 $45.64 $43.45 $142.0
2018 $44.67 $45.1 $44.38 $44.24 $178.0
2017 $44.46 $42.88 $44.56 $44.41 $176.0
2016 $33.24 $37.86 $40.65 $45.74 $157.0
2015 $43.03 $54.2 $55.43 $57.82 $210.48
2014 $65.93 $263.17
2013 $264.89
2012 $269.81

Business Profile of Exterran Corporation

Sector: Energy
Industry: Oil & Gas Equipment & Services
Exterran Corporation, a systems and process company, provides various solutions in the oil, gas, water, and power markets worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Contract Operations, Aftermarket Services, and Product Sales. It offers compression, processing, and treating services through the operation of natural gas compression equipment, and crude oil and natural gas production and process equipment; and water treatment and power generation solutions. The company also sells parts and components; and provides operation, maintenance, overhaul, upgrade, startup and commissioning, and reconfiguration services. In addition, it designs, engineers, manufactures, sells, and installs equipment used in the treating and processing of crude oil, natural gas, natural gas compression packages, and water treatment, including cryogenic plants, mechanical refrigeration and dew point control plants, condensate stabilizers, wellheads, gatherings, residue and high pressure natural gas compression equipment, water treatment equipment, integrated power generation, and skid-mounted production packages for onshore and offshore production facilities. Further, the company sells custom-engineered and built-to-specification natural gas and oil processing and treating equipment; and skid-mounted natural gas compression equipment and pre-engineered compressor units. It serves integrated and national oil and natural gas companies, national energy companies, and independent oil and natural gas producers, as well as oil and natural gas processors, gatherers, and pipeline operators. The company was founded in 1954 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.