Clarus Corporation EBITDA

EBITDA of CLAR for past 10 years: annual, quarterly and twelve month trailing (TTM) including EBITDA growth rates and interactive chart. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) is a measure of a company's operating performance. Essentially, it's a way to evaluate a company's performance without having to factor in depreciation, interest expenses (debt), writedowns or other accounting measures and taxes. EBITDA, however, can be misleading because it strips out the cost of capital investments like property, plant, and equipment. To calculate EBITDA, take operating profit (also called EBIT) and add back depreciation and amortization.

Highlights and Quick Summary

  • EBITDA for the quarter ending December 30, 2020 was $8.78 Million (a 149.18% increase compared to previous quarter)
  • Year-over-year quarterly EBITDA increased by 207.24%
  • Annual EBITDA for 2020 was $13.1 Million (a -33.81% decrease from previous year)
  • Annual EBITDA for 2019 was $19.8 Million (a 17.24% increase from previous year)
  • Annual EBITDA for 2018 was $16.9 Million (a 1195.25% increase from previous year)
  • Twelve month EBITDA ending December 30, 2020 was $13.1 Million (a 22.63% increase compared to previous quarter)
  • Twelve month trailing EBITDA decreased by -19.05% year-over-year
Trailing EBITDA for the last four month:
30 Dec '20 29 Sep '20 29 Jun '20 30 Mar '20
$13.1 Million $10.7 Million $13.3 Million $16.2 Million
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Historical EBITDA of Clarus Corporation

Most recent EBITDAof CLAR including historical data for past 10 years.

Interactive Chart of EBITDA of Clarus Corporation

Clarus Corporation EBITDA for the past 10 Years (both Annual and Quarterly)

(All values are in $ million)

Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Fiscal Year
2020 $8.78 $3.52 $-2.05 $2.86 $13.12
2019 $6.36 $6.13 $0.85 $6.47 $19.82
2018 $5.93 $6.15 $2.27 $2.55 $16.9
2017 $2.64 $0.34 $-3.05 $1.38 $1.31
2016 $0.59 $2.73 $-1.12 $-2.99 $-0.79
2015 $-1.68 $1.67 $-3.67 $0.68 $-3.0
2014 $3.01 $2.19 $-4.46 $-1.9 $-1.16
2013 $3.29 $-2.08 $-3.41 $0.17 $-5.39
2012 $-0.99 $4.19 $-0.9 $5.83 $3.23
2011 $3.16 $4.31 $0.16 $2.91 $10.54
2010 $0.44 $-1.39 $-10.52 $-13.66

Business Profile of Clarus Corporation

Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Industry: Leisure
Clarus Corporation focuses on the outdoor and consumer industries in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and South America. The company develops, manufactures, and distributes outdoor equipment and lifestyle products focusing on the climb, ski, mountain, sport, and skincare markets. It operates in two segments, Black Diamond and Sierra. The Black Diamond segment offers activity-based apparel, such as shells, insulation, midlayers, pants, and logowear; rock-climbing footwear and equipment, including carabiners, protection devices, harnesses, belay devices, helmets, and ice-climbing gears; technical backpacks and day packs; trekking poles; headlamps and lanterns; gloves and mittens; skincare and other sport-enhancing products; and skis, ski poles, ski skins, and snow safety products, such as avalanche airbag systems, avalanche transceivers, shovels, and probes. This segment offers its products for climbing, mountaineering, trail running, backpacking, skiing, and other outdoor recreation activities under the Black Diamond Equipment, PIEPS, and SKINourishment brands. The Sierra segment manufactures bullets and ammunition products for rifles and pistols, which are used for precision target shooting, hunting, and military and law enforcement purposes under the Sierra brand. The company sells its products to mountain, rock, ice, and gym climbers; and winter outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers, competitive shooters, hunters, and outdoor consumers. It markets and distributes its products through independent specialty stores and specialty chains, sporting goods and outdoor recreation stores, distributors, and original equipment manufacturers; and independent distributors, as well as directly to customers through its websites. The company was formerly known as Black Diamond, Inc. and changed its name to Clarus Corporation in August 2017. Clarus Corporation was incorporated in 1991 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.