Anika Therapeutics Inc. Average Days of Receivables

Average Days of Receivables of ANIK for past 10 years: annual, quarterly and twelve month trailing (TTM) including Average Days of Receivables growth rates and interactive chart.

Highlights and Quick Summary

  • Annual Average Days of Receivables for 2020 was 67.43 (a -8.25% decrease from previous year)
  • Annual Average Days of Receivables for 2019 was 73.5 (a 2.31% increase from previous year)
  • Annual Average Days of Receivables for 2018 was 71.84 (a -6.3% decrease from previous year)
  • Twelve month Average Days of Receivables ending June 29, 2021 was 78.5 (a 4.95% increase compared to previous quarter)
  • Twelve month trailing Average Days of Receivables increased by 19.22% year-over-year
Trailing Average Days of Receivables for the last four month:
29 Jun '21 30 Mar '21 30 Dec '20 29 Sep '20
78.5 74.8 67.43 65.85
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Historical Average Days of Receivables of Anika Therapeutics Inc.

Most recent Average Days of Receivablesof ANIK including historical data for past 10 years.

Interactive Chart of Average Days of Receivables of Anika Therapeutics Inc.

Anika Therapeutics Inc. Average Days of Receivables for the past 10 Years (both Annual and Quarterly)

Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Fiscal Year
2020 67.43
2019 73.5
2018 71.84
2017 76.67
2016 97.44
2015 84.98
2014 59.29
2013 91.09
2012 109.78
2011 97.52
2010 97.36

Business Profile of Anika Therapeutics Inc.

Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Medical Devices
Anika Therapeutics, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates as a joint preservation company that in the United States, Europe, and internationally. The company's joint pain management products include Monovisc and Orthovisc, which are single- and multi-injection, hyaluronic acid (HA)-based viscosupplements to provide pain relief from osteoarthritis (OA) conditions; Cingal, a novel, third-generation, single-injection OA product consisting of its proprietary cross-linked HA material combined with a steroid to provide short- and long-term pain relief; and Hyvisc, an injectable HA veterinary product for the treatment of joint dysfunction in horses. It also offers joint preservation and restoration products comprising preserving joint technologies, such as partial joint replacement, joint resurfacing, and minimally invasive and bone sparing implants to treat upper and lower extremity orthopedic conditions caused by trauma, injury, and arthritic disease; soft tissue repair solutions used by surgeons to repair and reconstruct damaged ligaments and tendons resulting from sports injuries, trauma, and disease; Tactoset, an HA-enhanced injectable bone repair therapy to treat insufficiency fractures; and Hyalofast, a biodegradable support for human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells used for cartilage regeneration and as an adjunct for microfracture surgery. In addition, the company provides Hyalobarrier, an anti-adhesion barrier for use after abdomino-pelvic surgeries; Hyalomatrix for the treatment of complex wounds, such as burns and ulcers; products for the treatment of ears, nose, and throat disorder; and ophthalmic products, including injectables, high molecular weight HA products used as viscoelastic agents in ophthalmic surgical procedures, consisting of cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation. Anika Therapeutics, Inc. was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts.